Joining the Slovenian Automotive Cluster – December 2005

On 13th December 2005 company Siliko with signing of the entrance agreement attested by notary officially became a member of Automotive cluster of Slovenia.

Automotive cluster of Slovenia is a business association based on economic interest of its members uniting Slovenian automotive suppliers

ACS is a network of Slovenian automotive suppliers within various branches of industries (metal industries, mechanical, rubber, chemical and textile industries, electrical and electronics industries, transport equipment industries etc), as well as partners from R&D institutions and other services in the supply chains that create and deliver products and services for the automotive industry.

One of the main advantages of the membership in ACS is a support for its members to integrate into the global automotive industry and to improve the range of their products and services. ACS also accelerates the efficiency of its members by providing adequate research and development and cooperating with expert development and scientific institutions both in Slovenia and abroad.

In company Siliko we export 60% of total production, 95% of it to Germany, mostly to suppliers of German automotive industry. For several years the percentage of sale to automotive industry exceeds 50% of total sale.

Regarding our orientation to production of rubber-technical products for automotive industry we believe the membership of ACS is a right step towards successful incorporation to global automotive market and towards further successful operation on such pretentious market that automotive industry surely is.