Siliko nominated for the best company in central Slovenia

Gazelle is a synonym for a successful and rapidly growing company. Based on various indicators of performance experts from various economic and business areas prepare the list of 500 fastest growing companies in Slovenia.

In 2010 company Siliko was nominated as one of the three finalists for the fastest growing company in central Slovenia, which is a confirmation of successful work in the last 5 years.Gazelle 2010 proclamation  took place on 23 September 2010 in Ljubljana. Next to Siliko also companies Avtenta and Colby were nominated. The title for the fastest growing company has received firm Avtenta, but for Siliko already ranking among the three fastest-growing companies is a unique success. Siliko is a manufacturing company operating in labor-intensive industry, with the very strong competition in the European and world markets. Given that most products are exported to the European market, where competition is extreme, reaching such high growth is enviable result.Siliko is a successful and rapidly growing company that reaches 25% growth annually. In the last five years the company Siliko increased the number of employees by more than 100% from 76 in 2004 to 157 in 2009. Today (September 2010) the company is already employing 180 people. In addition the company has tripled its revenue in the years 2004/2009. From 6 million in 2004 to 18 million in 2009.

Since the beginning of the company a large proportion of resources are invested in new modern equipment, machinery and technology that enable the implementation of complexed projects and providing additional jobs.

We are proud of company s success but also well aware that these results are only an additional motivation for hard work and further development.