Compound development and mixing facility

The development of materials follows the main goal of Siliko d.o.o.: to provide our customers with comprehensive development solutions from the initial idea to the finished product. This means that our product development process includes a comprehensive study of the chosen materials, including elastomer materials, polymer materials and metals. If possible synergies between the material and the product geometry are identified or if the customer requires sophisticated products for which the materials available on the market do not reach the required properties, Siliko develops a material with optimal properties in cooperation with external partners and suppliers.


Utilizing in-house mixing capacities, Siliko d.o.o. thus offers elastomer materials based on EPDM, SBR, NR, AEM, CR, ECO, NBR, IR and HNBR rubber. The laboratory mixer can be used for the mixing of elastomer mixtures in both prototypical and production quantities.

In addition to the application aspect of development, further work is also being done in basic mechanical and chemical properties of elastomer materials. Supported by our own laboratory and a prototype material preparation unit along with the cooperation with external partners and suppliers, the connections between the material composition and the processing and functional properties of the products are being studied. The knowledge gained hereby enables Siliko d.o.o. to provide its customers with optimal solutions in terms of form, material and cost alike.