One of the fastest growing companies – October 2004

The company Siliko has reached the 23. place on the scale of 500 fastest growing companies – gazelles – in the year 2004. It improved the result from the previous year when it was the 28. fastest growing company in Slovenia – by the statistical data of Ajpes (Slovenian Agency for Public Information and Statistical Records).

The scale is made by the Agency regarding the index of net incomes in the last five years. For the year 2004 the scale of fastest growing companies has been made among 39.000 Slovenian companies, regarding the index of net incomes in years 2003/1998 and the condition of 200.000 EUR net income in 1998 and positive business result in year 2003.

Annual sale in Siliko has increased – regarding the index of net income in years 1998-2003 – for more than 800%, by which we also employed 33 new employees.

We are proud of achieved business results, fast growth of the company and new employment, but at the same time it is only a motivation for our further work and orientation towards achieving business superiority.

gazela 2004