New production hall opening in Siliko Sevnica – June 2012

Company Siliko is constantly expanding its capacities. Existing areas of the former factory Jutranjka have become too small, so the company decided to invest in new production hall. The new facilities are planned for the production of liquid silicone products as a new segment which Siliko intensively develops in recent years. The new acquisition will also bring out the expansion of manufacturing jobs.

Opening of the new production hall took place on the 6th June 2012, when the Minister of Economic Development and Technology Minister Radovan Žerjav and Mayor of Sevnica Srecko Ocvirk visited the company. Opening was attended also by employees of the company Siliko, business partners, representatives of many companies form Posavje region, local and regional institutions representatives and also by the Minister of Agriculture and Environment Franc Bogovič.

Director Janez Koprivec expressed satisfaction that state government currently is oriented to the development of competitive conditions for business. Only an innovative and development-oriented economy with constant and high value investment and new jobs will save the economy from the crisis. At the same time highlighted the good cooperation with the local public administration as an example of good and proper cooperation with the economy, while expressing the hope that this kind of good and fair cooperation will also be present with public administration in Vrhnika, where company Silko is currently building a new Development Center Siliko.

The Minister expressed satisfaction that there are companies such as Siliko in Slovenia, which is an example of a company that has grown out of nothing. The company grew out of knowledge, innovation and above all hard work. At the same time also emphasized that the government will have to pay more attention to a healthy and promising companies, and not only resolving almost failed giant companies.