Minister of Government office for Growth visited Siliko – february 2008

President of Slovenian government, ministers and other high representatives of government visited Posavje (south-eastern part of Slovenia) on 12th and 13th February 2008.

Minister of Government Office for Growth, dr. Žiga Turk, visited Siliko Ltd.

Together with deputy mayor Mr. Ocvirk they visited our production halls. Later we presented our company`s history and our path made so far and also our plans for the future. One of the biggest plans is SILIKO Development&Research Centre. At the end of the visit Minister congratulated for successful development of the company and stressed out that Siliko is one of Slovenian gazelles – fastest growing companies – successful also on demanding western-european markets.

Within government visit of Posavje on 13th February 2008 also a conference of The third development axis was organized on Sevnica castle. The Third development axis is a project of new high way road that will link together the Austrian and Croatian state border. Community Sevnica grows big hopes of this project since the new road means a great development stimulation and opportunity. It means a big improvement of existing transport connections. In April this year an exact line of the road is planned to be defined, the construction of the road should begin in year 2010.